Sunday, June 29, 2008

And Now here are some new Pictures of Bethany and the family friends

The Furry Little Rabbit

Baby Birds

Bethany & Daddy in the pool

Sweet Dreams

The Little Hawian Princes

More Images from Magic Springs: In Concert Lone Star

Images of Lee and Amanda's fun day at Magic Springs

This is Amanda on Big Bad John

Up Up and Away She Goes!!!




Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ok, here are the pictures

My lovey sure tastes good

Little Missy

I can stand up!!!!!

Pig Sooie!!!!

It's me, Little Miss Hollywood

Ok, here are the pictures

Family Update

It has been a while since an update has been made
We have a lot going on right now. Bethany just started Day Care. She really enjoys it, especially playing with her new friends. On July 14th Bethany will get ear tubes, something her Daddy knows all to well. On June 24th we are leaving to go to the Robinow Convention ( in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have been seeking help, from various people and organizations, rasing money. Our goal is to raise $1600, so far we have raised $980 plus a $100 gas card the Salvation Army is donating. So we are headed in the right direction. We ask everyone to keep us in your prayers, not only for this trip but also with some financial difficulties we have managed to work through over these last couple of year. It just seems that since Lee was in the hospital and the Bethany coming early, it took a tole on us financially. With God guidance we have managed to work through it and head on the right direction. Knowing where we were a year or so ago and seeing how far we have come it is just a testament as to how awesome God is and how He has blessed our family. Every day may not be perfect but in the end we know everything will be ok.